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How It Works 

This may be your first time having your songs professionally mixed and mastered or your first time having a production made. It can seem overwhelming but here's a simplified explanation of what to do and what to expect!

  1. First you must be sure that the vocals and instruments are well recorded. This means very little background noise, great performance, on time, on pitch, and overall it should sound decent to your ears before it gets sent to us.

  2. All audio files need to start at the same time. This means that when you send the audio files to us, we can import the files and they all sync up perfectly. Some audio programs will export clips and this will make it impossible for us to work with. If you are confused we can offer a YouTube video link describing how to export audio with your program​.If you used Pro Tools, you can send us the session. Please include the ptx file as well as the audio files folder.

  3. We recommend using to send files. You may have to send 1 or 2 songs at a time but it's a great and easy way to send files. Dropbox links or other platforms will work just be sure that the share settings are sent to allow anyone with the download link.

  4. We prefer email for communications for any questions, revisions, or concerns. If you need to talk over the phone we can arrange a call.

  5. Payment is required before any deliveries and sound samples will not be provided. Any revisions can be made after you listen on different playback systems and gather your notes.

  6. Payment Methods include : Cashapp,Venmo,Zelle,and Apple Pay.

  7. Turnaround times can vary but please allow 3 to 5 business days. The studio is closed nights and weekends.

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